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What is Myofasical Release?

This YouTube video explains a bit about fasica and what myofasical release is/does. It's about 5 min long, was created by a talented MFR therapist named Richard Harty and is used with permission.  If there are difficulties with watching the video, click here. to go directly to it on YouTube.

There Are No Magic Bullets, no quick fixes to pain, especially chronic pain.  Myofascial release is slow.  A slow, gentle holding, a sinking in and waiting for a release.  Healing is a process that myofascial release facilitates.  I don't *fix* anyone or anything.  I do use MFR techniques to help your body heal itself. 

Sometimes, working together, miracles can happen after only one session.  That's great.  Sometimes, when there's been something severe or long-standing you feel worse after a session.  Continued sessions to work through the restrictions and open things up are needed.  A couple of times a week works better than once a month, once a year or once period.  To continue reading, click here

New clients are encouraged to schedule a FREE 15 - 20 Min. Consultation to see if Time To Relax is a good fit for their bodywork needs.  Call to schedule or just ask a few questions - I'll return your call as soon as I can.  612 638 7981.

I accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover for payments of all services.  I have been asked a lot about insurance.  Most  medical insurance plans do not cover "massage".  However, if you wish I will email you a receipt to use to file with your insurance company to attempt to get reimbursed.  If you use an HSA or FSA Visa/Mastercard account, I can accept those but be aware that for the IRS to accept my services as a valid medical expense you must have a note that you keep in your file from a doctor/chiropractic doctor stating that "massage" is an acceptable treatment for your condition.

"I came to Chris with numb fingers and stiff hands.  After an hour of body work I now have full use of my hands.  Thank you Chris."   Bob E.