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 I have consolidated many of  the testimonials/reviews that have been left by clients to this page so they are easy to find.  Enjoy!


Helpful myofascial release

Thank you very much for your fabulous healing hands today.  I feel wonderful, thanks to you!  I look forward to walking tomorrow without pain! You are awesome! Thanks! heart Pat - business professional and speed walker

Good Morning! I just want to say THANK YOU for the great [myofascial] massage on Tuesday!  You read my body and it's been feeling wonderful all week!! (Except the zit on my face!!)  Have a good weekend!  Ruth, retired in Woodbury, MN  

Chris, Thank you for the impromptu neck/shoulder work!  You are amazing & I look forward to coming in for a full session soon! Krista B

Chris My back feels soooo much better after your treatment.   But if it flares up again, I"ll be back. I referred you to my friend  so I hope she comes in to see you. thanks.  Michelle  R.

Have a very painful injury.Chris took her time with me so I would feel comfortable and safe with the movements.. I feel like I am moving better and will continue with the therapy.  Liz T. 

Went to see Chris for some concerns of muscle tension and discomfort in low back and shoulders, and she gave her recommendations for her approach, which was myofascial release (and able to be adjusted or redirected as desired) for upper and lower body. New for me, but I did feel like the muscles were truly getting a "re-set" and have been noticing improvement so far. had to do some deep breathing through some of the deep stretches in my leg-back, but I felt like her judgement was very skillful. Thanks!  Erica F.

Chris found things out of place in my neck and spine I didn't know were wrong. No wonder I had headaches! They are gone for now and I feel so much better! I will be back next month.  Tammy w.

Chris has magic hands and she is extremely knowledgeable in the latest techniques. I had fallen and had some injuries (no breaks but lots of bruising). I felt results immediately and two more sessions had me on the mend! I have been to Chris before for shoulder pain but nothing as serious as this and I was amazed by her knowledge and expertise!  Janet F.

I really like Chris's massages,she only works the trouble areas and doesn't just go through a routine around the whole body like other message therapist do. She listens to what you want/need and she works those areas. Definitely going back every month! Damon B.

A Positive Experience  

Chris does an amazing job relieving stress in my neck & back.  Of all the massage therapists I have seen in the past 10 years, she's easily the best and is very accommodating to those with a busy schedule.  Thanks Chris! Dwayne D

"I loved my massage last week!  My neck is moving in directions it hasn’t moved  in years!  I will be sure to come back in soon…." Saralyn K.