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building 1                sign

From I94: 

door sign on 1290Exit 1 - 35N/2nd Street.  Turn Right at the Dairy Queen (Coulee Road).  Take Coulee Road to the light at Taco John's (11th Street/Heggen Street) and turn Right.  Follow the bridge over I94.  *You will pass the US Post Office on your left.  Turn Left onto the first street after the post office - this is Hosford Street.  Take the first driveway on the right to the lower level of the River Ridge Business Campus - you will make a left hand turn into the parking area.  There are several small one story office buildings.   Look for 1290 on the building above the entrance.  There is also a sign on the outside door.


Exit 2 - Carmichael Road.  Head South on Carmichael Road, then turn Right onto Crestview (by the McDonald's/Kwik Trip).  Follow Crestview all the way to where it appears to end and turn into a private drive.  Turn Left at this light (Heggen Street).  Follow the directions above from the *


 large sign at the back drivewayNote: if you miss Hosford Street, there is another driveway on Heggen Street just past the building on the corner.  There is a large sign with names of many of the businesses in the small buildings here.  Turn Left into the driveway and follow it behind the large building to the parking area with the smaller buildings.  1290 is the 2nd building, first door.