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About the Practitioner

Christine Ackermann, Wisconsin Licensed Bodywork or Massage Therapist
Disclosure of training:  I have completed  700+ hours of training at the St. Croix Center for the Healing Arts in Hudson, WI including courses in Integrative, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai Yoga on the Table, Aromatherapy,  Reflexology and Chair Massage.  I have also taken additional training at Northwestern Health Sciences University in various techniques for shoulder and low back issues; Reiki I at WITC;  the John Barnes Myofascial Mobilization, Myofasical Release I (x2), Unwinding (x2), Advanced Unwinding,  Myofascial Release II and Fascial-Pelvis Myofascial Release classes, the Skills Enhancement Seminar;   Mark Barnes Equine Myofasical Release I, II & Skills Enhancement.

My philosophy is to offer everyone who is medically able the chance to experience the relief from stress, muscle tension, and pain that can be had from the practice of therapeutic bodywork.

I have personally dealt with physical trauma, depression and PTSD. In 1999 I was hit with my two children by a car while crossing the street.  We spent the following month in the hospital at Regions and Gillette.  Many more months were spent with physical therapy and follow-up procedures.  I understand how frustrating it is to be in  pain and I have experienced the benefits of bodywork and would love to share that gift with you.  All sessions at Time To Relax are designed to help you heal, move and allow your energy to flow which helps relieve pain and stress.

I prefer to be called Chris and I enjoy time with my family and my cats. When I'm not working, I make time to go horseback riding, take off on my motorcycle when it's nice out, practice yoga and create hand knit and crochet items; depending on what activity suits me at the time (and what the weather is like!) I have never grown out of my love for horses and hope I never do :)

I used to also spend quite a bit of time ice skating and playing hockey.  I still skate once in a while, but my schedule and my body both decided that hockey is better watched on the TV when I get the chance!